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February 21st, 2015

04:36 pm - calling all lovers of things shiny
(elisem is having a sale, as she does.)

My first shinies from Elise were a pair of ocean jasper turtle earrings, back in 2006 when I'd finally gotten my Social Security Disability. Elise hadn't named them; I did, eventually, they're my Magical Turtle Earrings of Great Good Fortune.

I've got at least one other pair of earrings, and several pendants - oh, and two pirate hair ornaments - but the best thing ever is one of her wandering wire necklaces, made from a stone sold as Peruvian opal, which looks more like chalcedony but isn't that either. It, too, wasn't named before it became mine; it's now my Reminder, Against All Odds - a treat I bought myself in 2006, after the year in the shelters and nearly three years in post-shelter housing, a thing to look at (along with the Lomonosov small Cobalt Net teapot, cup, and saucer) to remind myself that I made it through all that hell.

There's a picture of her wearing that necklace, before it became mine(and LJ isn't letting me embed the pic, dammit...) (Oh, and a couple of years later, she made me earrings to go with it.) (I am such a sucker for that color, and that stone.)

I manage to find an occasion - usually an opera - to wear it to at least once a year, and have made a silk shell, in that color of green!, to wear it with. I've not managed to find the right frame to use to display it on a wall, but I'm working on it.

Such beautiful things, made by such a wonderful person. Go, browse, buy... you know you want to. *evil grin*
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June 14th, 2013

07:01 pm - happy birthday, kshandra
Hope it's a day filled with all good things, and the same for the next year. Hell, for all your life...

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June 13th, 2013

12:47 pm - happy birthday, megamole
(sorry I'm late with this; hope you had a great day...)

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May 8th, 2013

03:53 pm - scissors (no paper, no rock)
Am trimming my FL; first pass accomplished. Making this post public view so if anyone wants to stay, etc.

Not coherent, as usual.

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April 14th, 2013

05:16 pm - roobarb:
happy birthday!

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September 22nd, 2012

05:03 pm - well, *that's* a pain
Just tried to send a "happy birthday" message to someone, only to get this error message:

This message cannot be sent to [name] because the recipient has enabled the privacy options for their messages.

Not in the mood to splash a birthday greeting all over my friends' pages. *sigh*

(mostly offline; haven't even been reading LJ since about early July, with a couple of exceptions. Life is... heh. is complicated.)
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April 12th, 2012

04:33 pm - Fundraiser signal boost
jimhines is raising funds for rape crisis centers. Being in a rather... moneyless... state right now, about all I can do is boost the signal, and hope that others donate.

(And I'm lacking in any sort of coherence, being beyond crashy at the moment. Bloody damned CFS/fibro/migraines/etc. *grumble*whine*)

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March 20th, 2012

09:11 am - hey, blushing_angel...
Happy birthday!!

(You still out there? Do I still have your phone #? My landline is the same as it was 5 1/2 years ago; cell # isn't but that's almost always turned off anyway. Email hasn't changed, either. Call me? Do you and John want to come over for dinner some time (passenger ferry fares one way only, return to Seattle is free...)
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February 20th, 2012

04:09 pm - stolen from bardiphouka
(who, in turn, got it from Tamson House)

(though it's more all the lost knowledge that upsets me, not just the history)

There's a reason my Kindle is named Alexa...

ETA: I hate LJ. The amount of time it's taken me to get this thing to actually show? *grrrrrr*

oh. Then iTunes, on shuffle, came up with the duet from Pearl Fishers, as sung by Jussi Bjorling and Robert Merrill, and all is well in my world. :)
Current Music: duet from Bizet's The Pearl Fishers, Bjorling & Merrill (*melt*)

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January 12th, 2012

03:44 pm - earrings

Made last Friday evening at the gallery thing.

Am not even going to say how long it's taken to download from camera and upload to 'net, one photo. Has gone beyond the "tea, dammit" stage...

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December 25th, 2011

01:09 pm - *ping* feetnotes
Thank you for the cookie! And... email me with a working email address for you, please?

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December 16th, 2011

08:28 pm - Beadstuff
So, I took a whole lot of stuff in to the store/gallery to put on consignment. Individual pics of the items may or may not be forthcoming, but this one amuses me:

clicketyCollapse )

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December 12th, 2011

02:42 pm - Writer's Block: B.Y.O.B. Holidays
Which December holidays do you celebrate, and why? One random answer will win a $50 Amazon gift card. [Details here]

Actual celebration nowadays is Winter Solstice, but I still put up tons and tons of Christmas decorations. Including a small glass nativity set I've had for decades - and a rubber ducky nativity I got a few years back.

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October 19th, 2011

08:17 pm - Request for beads, tools, other supplies
I know some of the people who do beadstuff sometimes want to cull or de-stash a bit; if you're at that place right now, here's a someplace that could really use just about everything..

I'm starting a bimonthly jewelry-making workshop at Mary's Place, the day shelter I spent 13 1/2 months of days at, back in 2002/2003. (I run another group at the post-shelter SRO I lived in for another three years; that place has tools and supplies already. My own stash-culling for the last few years has gone there... leaving me with nada for this.)

trimming lots and lots, because this got hugeCollapse )
I went over a couple of weeks ago, met with the volunteer coordinator, and inventoried what they have. Which is:

not very muchCollapse )

We need:

list that seems impossibly longCollapse )

What else am I forgetting, guys? I'll probably wake up at 3 am with another list *wry*

Deadline: things need to be either at Mary's Place or at my apartment by November 9th, because the first session is November 10th.

Any help at all, no matter how little, is appreciated. I've been trying to do this on my own, and then with the help of a couple of friends, but... yeah.

Thanks, so much...

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October 16th, 2011

03:57 pm - trimming things
I'm trimming my f-list somewhat; please to not be offended if you're one of the people I won't be trying futilely to keep up with? Am working on reducing the overwhelmingness of things, and that's one that's relatively simple to do.

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October 2nd, 2011

04:57 pm - Happy birthday
... to one of the best people I know.

ginmar, if I could make and send you a Chocolate Decadence, I would... alas, it wouldn't survive the transit.

*non-hugs* and chocolate and kitty-skritchles and garnetsandothershinies and really good bread and cheese and wine and fruit*

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September 28th, 2011

01:35 pm - A The Women's Press science fiction series meme
snagged from james_nicoll

(Apparently, I still have no brain cells - or whatever substute I have for them - to do an actual post with content, but this? This is easy. *grin*)

(I'd have thougth I'd have read more of these. Interesting gaps; not sure I'm going to do anything about them at this point. So many books, so little energy, "spoons", brain cells, whatever - I do a lot of comfort-book re-reading.)

yeah, a cut tag might be a good thing hereCollapse )
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September 12th, 2011

07:37 pm - Home.
Thank you all for the GoodThoughts. It went mostly well; I don't have to go back. (The "mostly" is short for "it's complicated." More later when I get some spoons back.)

Crashing now; details in a day or two, 'k?

(Was someone thinking "All will be well, and all will be well, and all manner of things will be well" at me around 2:30? Because I swear I heard it, and a whole set of tense muscles relaxed.)

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10:43 am - GoodThoughts, please?
My appointment at the pain management clinic is at 2 pm. To say that I'm apprehensive would be a huge, huge understatement. (Have spent the last couple/three weeks figuring out what all needs to be listed on their intake info form, and then tweaking the form so all my info would fit; it's obviously designed for someone with one, maybe two sources of chronic pain. I ended up identifying 9. Yeah.)

So, GoodThoughts please? There are so many ways this can go wrong. (Yeah, there's a plan B and a plan C for getting pain medication again, but neither are ideal. *sigh*) (And no, no plans at all for acquiring anything off the street, nor having anyone acquire things for me that way. *shudder*)

Anyway, stress, I can haz it. With migraine level at 8. (Oh, wait, I've got use-as-needed antianxiety medication, don't I? This seems to be an occasion warranting its use...)
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September 11th, 2011

11:27 pm - Late, as usual, but it's still today for a half hour or so, so....
Wanted to wish that the birthday johnpalmer had today was one of the best, and that the coming year brings

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August 24th, 2011

10:58 am - Ok, guys...
Fess up, please?

Who gave me the (virtual) sunflower yesterday? I'd blame the usual suspect, but the quotation/caption has actual upper case letters, and isn't centered. *grin*

(Thank you; I needed cheering up!)
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July 13th, 2011

01:45 pm - happy birthday
to wcg, a.k.a. The Marine at the End of the Bar!

(my DW crossposts apparently, well, aren't (crossposting)).

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July 8th, 2011

08:24 pm - Long, long time ago
Missed it by a day, though...

So, ten years and one day ago, I started this LiveJournal thing...

And yesterday someone sent me an invite to Google+ (and I'be been getting that "temporariliy exceeded our capacity" error message ever since).

The more things change...
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June 26th, 2011

02:03 am - am being driven crazy (OK, crazier)
There's a dog overnighting at the vets' office accross the street. It has been barking and howling§ for over an hour. Woke me up. Earplugs don't block it out.

Grrrrrr. I may end up opening out the sofabed, since it's on the other (parking lot rather than street) side of the apartment.

(Also, figured out why the last several posts to DW didn't crosspost to here; I'd changed the LJ password, and didn't pick up the change over there. Aarrgghh. Prepare for a couple of back-dated posts to show up...)

§It sounds like a beagle when it's howling. Oy.
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June 18th, 2011

08:32 pm - This week is fired
Hasn't been all bad, but:

Picked up my oooh-shiny Kindle to read the books I acquired yesterday. Screen? mostly frozen. Went on IRC and found out about resetting it. Didn't work. Ended up calling Amazon support; a new one will arrive on Wednesday. Argh. (Yeah, I know, first world problems.)

And then, was in the kitchen prepping dinner. Got a pan out of the cupboard. One of the Corningware casseroles came out with it, onto the floor (a drop of about 15", I think) and shattered. I think the neighbors are used to hearing the sound of something breaking in my kitchen, and my profane reactions. So, anyway, have added that to my find-at-secondhand-stores list. And gotten the broom and dustpan out of the closet. (More first world problems, really, but...)

Then somehow managed to knock my dish of salad from the counter into the sink, losing about half of it. (stoopid neuropathic clumsiness...)

Remembered I'd stashed a Mike's Hard Limeade in the fridge; decided it was time to drink same, even though the temp never made it up into the 60s, and that's normally something I'd want for a warm day. Am about 1/4 through the bottle, half an hour later.


And then on Monday, my keyboard died. Have a loaner. Will order a replacement on the 1st. Grrrrrr.
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June 15th, 2011

10:46 pm - Hope this post doesn't show up twice...
...but the DreamWidth post I made just before 6 pm still hasn't made it to LJ.

Original subject: *whine* (GoodThoughts, please?)

This afternoon, I was heading out to pick up a couple of new prescriptions (yeah, back on an inhaler. Oh, joy. Not.), I found a note from the building management people taped onto the door. Inspection, tomorrow, 9 am; notice dated yesterday. It was *not* on that door before 5 pm yesterday (the last I was out). They're supposed to give a minimum of 48 hours notice, but I suppose they can get away with calling this 48 hours. I did leave a voicemail at the housing office, but don't know if it'll buy me an extra day or two or not. Can't hurt to try. Right now I'm at a place where I can take out, say, one bag of recycling - and then have to sit down and catch my breath for the next half hour. Ditto putting laundry into washers & dryers.

Liz, my usual stalwart helper with the vacuum cleaner and mop, and helping lift the laundry into and out of washers and driers, can't make it over this evening. The floors are a disaster; some of the laundry has been piling up since Betty was over a month ago. There's also a fair amount of recycling to go out, though I'm caught up on actual trash and scooping the cat litter.

I am so screwed.

(Yes, I took an Ativan. Yes, I'm still panicking.)

*end whine*

However, there's good news as well. I have a new doctor, at a new-to-me clinic over in Poulsbo. No having to pay for ferry over & back; no having to scramble and pay for parking; no dealing with the inattentive-to-anything-but-what's on-their-cell-phones, walk-out-right-in-front-of-cars pedestrians. Nor the kamikaze cyclists; a certain percentage of the Downtown Seattle breed thereof seems to have no instinct at all for self-preservation. *shudder* And then there are the crazy drivers. Especially those on cell phones, and those whose stereo volume is so loud that, well, it pretty much has to be the reverse of their other, um, endowments.

Anyway, should've switched doctors/clinics months ago, I suspect. I did go in with a printout of my medication-reordering-schedule GoogleDocs spreadsheet (what I'm on, what dose, how frequently, what for; also some of what I'm no longer on, and why), and a reasonably concise list of the stuff going on. The nice young doc wasn't at all fazed or sceptical about that listing, despite most of it being in the "invisible illnesses" category, which is a huge thing in his favor. When you're saying "chronic daily migraine, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia", some of them just glaze over and try to convince you that you really don't have it that bad.

I was somewhat startled when, after listening to me breathe, he immediately started writing a 'scrip for an inhaler. (And I've just looked - this is at twice the strength of the previous prescription I'd had, a few years back. Uh-oh. QVar, 80). Also also also, doubled one of the blood pressure meds immediately, since mine was 155/90something, despite me already being on two meds. 20 more mg of Benazepril, second dose in evening. Oy. Speaking of medications, I've taken the evening handful and will fall into bed veryveryvery soon; will try to get up at oh-dark-thirty and get done what I can.

g'night, world...
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10:09 pm - Writer's Block: Extra! Extra!
If you worked for a newspaper, which section of the paper would you like to write for, and why?

Classical music critic for the Arts & Events section. (And possibly theatre. Not dance, though, I'm not well-enough informed for that.

Why? Well, for a start, there's this "professional portrait" userpic... :)

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June 11th, 2011

04:30 pm - Just doing a favor
for [personal profile] roobarb, whose friends' page has someone with an unghodly wide post. No actual content; still mostly lost in Kindle-land. :)

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June 10th, 2011

01:39 pm - Dammit.
The universe could stop dumping on people I care about any time now. Soonest would be best.
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June 8th, 2011

02:01 pm - Some people...
are far far too kind to me. ([profile] erikagillian, I'm looking at you!)

I have a Kindle. Nobody's ever going to *see* me again...

(I need coffee.)

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May 27th, 2011

06:03 am - Finally...
The way to Bordertown is at last, open.

There's a guide, listing some of the places to go (and where not to go), where to get your first beer, for free; what not to call the True Bloods... there's even a blog.

All you need to find your way to the new anthology, Welcome to Bordertown, including a link to Indiebound, to find a local, independent bookstore close to you, and on this side of the Border.

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May 21st, 2011

08:50 pm - "This moment is the best the world can give"
Last night, Magic Flute, OMG incoherent babbling. I may have a few brain cells back tomorrow or Monday for an actual post with, y'know, content.

(Crashed hard today, but not getting home until 1 am today, on top of doing the Bead Group thing in Seattle Thursday, it's to be expected.)

(And yes, obligatory Millay quote for the subject line...)
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May 15th, 2011

12:27 pm - *SOB*
Today's the day I go to the opera. Magic Flute. My favorite opera, ever.

Sunday matinee starts at 2 pm; I usually catch the 12:20 ferry, which gets me there, parked and browsing the gift shop, at least an hour before the curtain.

So... I head out a bit before noon (ferry terminal is less than 5 minutes away). And...

There's at least a two hour ferry wait#; I might get on the 2:05, but it also might not be until 3:55. Which gets me there... well, yeah. The opera starts at two. They don't let people into the hall except during intermission, so I'd miss at least the first third, maybe most of the entire opera. And the bloody damned ticket office isn't open to do an exchange (they usually are before performances, except on Sundays).

Saturday is sold out. There are some seats for Wednesday and Friday, but in the >$100 to $180 range, which I just cannot do.


(I can't do the walk-on ferry thing, which would get me there on time, or close to it... can't manage the walk from the terminal to the ferry, at either end, much less the walk back from ferry to terminal on this end because it aten't flat or downhill; otherwise I would, in a heartbeat. Even if I got a cab from here to the terminal, and the Seattle terminal to opera house, and then the reverse... I just physically cannot walk the (minor for most people) distances involved.)

(Yeah, I'm crying. Yes, I took an Ativan, but... fuck.)

(And yeah, I know it's a first world problem, but... music is what I *live for*, always have.)

#I *think* the nice police officer directing ferry traffic said something about one of the ferries being out of service temporarily, so we get a run every other hour instead of every hour. That may not be it; I was a bit too upset to actually process anything beyond "at least a two hour wait".
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April 23rd, 2011

12:15 am - Writer's Block: Beep, Bop, Boop
What was the first video or computer game you ever played? Did you love it or hate it, and why?

The first video game I encountered, and played, was Pong. Built in on a table/console, in a bar or other such hangout - don't remember the place exactly, but it was in Elmira, NY in 1973. Loved it; it required a certain amount of spatial sense, and figuring what angle would work... Liked BreakOut, too, when that came along. Felt the same attraction to Tetris and its variants in the early 90s. Currently, I'm most likely to be playing Cubis...

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January 24th, 2011

01:03 am - *whimper* I need to do this, but... *whimper*
Wednesday noon, during a meeting of the Rotary folx in Kingston (WA), I'm scheduled to give a 20-minute talk, then do Q&A, on the invisible face of 90% of the homeless, on the abrupt slide from middle-class into homelessness - with my experiences as example, listing the effort it takes to not be visibly homeless - to get a shower, to get clothing cleaned, etc., ad-bloody-infinitum. (They've already had the author of Breakfast at Sally's come and speak with them; I think Randy is pushing to get "giving useful help to/for the homeless" as one of the Things That Rotary Group Does.)

I'm trying not to get all panicky about this - it's scary, just letting that personal information out; it's *panic-inducing* because the cognitive function loss from the CFS/fibro means that the whole left-brain thing is not there when I need it. I jokingly call it "file retrieval errors" but it ... traumatizes me. It makes it nearly impossible to even write an intelligible business letter. Coherently structuring a talk?? Aarrgghh. And things like that used to take no effort at all - I was a tech writer, and editor, and illustrator in a mini-Autocad sort of way, and a database designer.


I've got calls into some of the staff at the night and daytime shelters where I stayed, asking for what's changed as far as numbers of women in need, how long the waiting list is now for a "permanent" bed at the night shelter, is the age range different... those things I don't have a handle on any more. I still have friends there, and have some idea, but have had to distance myself from that sort of information, for the sake of what little mental health I've manged to claw my way back to, when there's nothing I can do to fix things.

On the other paw... maybe one of the reasons I've survived it all, is to be a spokesperson, someone with a background similar to that of my audience.

37 hours. *wibble*wibble*

(Also, thank ghods for lorazepam (Ativan) for anxiety attacks. Will take one tomorrow night, then another an hour or so before the presentation.)

Wish me luck, guys...

*giggle* Spell-check suggests "lyricism" for "lorazepam" - I kinda like that... :)

(X-posted to LJ and DW; comment wherever you'd rather comment)

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January 22nd, 2011

10:59 pm - Time for RICE (Rest. Ice. Compression. Elevation.)
An hour or so ago,I was taking an empty mug and plate from the bedroom into the kitchen. Tripped over my own feet, basically. Windmilled a bit; landed mostly on my left (bad) knee. At the moment, the scrape (how did I get skin scraped off, when the fabric that was between the knee and the carpet isn't torn in any way?) hurts more than other stuff, but I figured it might be sensible to dig out the knee brace anyway.

Oh, and take a full dose of ibuprofen. Yeah.

I have a place to be tomorrow afternoon. Luckily, I've already got a cane, but... ow.

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January 16th, 2011

01:58 am - *ping* feetnotes
Are you the one I should thank for that adorably cute baby otter? (I noticed that roobarb was also given one, anonymously, at about the same time...)

Thank you! It's such a joy to have around. Inquisitive little beastie, too. The Hannah-cat is trying to keep it in line and out of mischief, and doing surprisingly well at it. At this rate, though, the poor overworked kitteh is going to end up weighing a lot less, what with all the scrambling around she has to do to keep up.

Never a dull moment. *grin*

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January 10th, 2011

11:18 pm - Stolen from omimouse, with a "Pay It Forward 2011" topic
I promise to send something handmade to the first people who leave a comment here. They mustIf they're up for it, they can in turn post this and send something they make to to the first five people who comment on their status.

The rules are that it must be made by you and it must be sent to your 5 people sometime in 2011. If I don't already have your mailing address, you'll need to let me know that info.

That's the original, somewhat edited. Now, for my edits of [personal profile] omimouse's edits: If you don't feel like/feel up to putting up an offer like this in your LJ/Facebook/whatever, you can still post here asking for something. Not everyone has time/energy for this kind of thing, and while I understand the spirit of this, I'm not interested in strangling folks with the letter. Please feel free to let me know color likes/dislikes and anything else that might be relevant. Since I'll probably either be sending pendants (similar to these) or bookmarks (like these), it would be helpful to know whether you wanted a bookmark or a pendant or maybe a cellphone charm, and whether you want silver-toned or gold-toned for the bookmark (pendants have silver wire). And what stone (semiprecious) or color of glass; if a bookmark, I've got many gold-toned cat charms, and a bunch of silver-toned ocean-related (starfish, dolphins, other shells, I may have one lighthouse left).

Or I could crochet you a scarf; pick your color(s); the yarn would, of necessity, be something inexpensive, and probably not wool unless you really want wool.

Direct quote from [personal profile] omimouse here: I may or may not manage to get to more than the first 5 (assuming a lot, here) Feel free to ask for something even if there's 5 responses already.

Seconded, that. I've made almost nothing in the last month and a half, and this could kick-start me into getting creative again. I hope.
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January 7th, 2011

06:13 pm - PSA: the clock is striking thirteen
64 hours (and counting) ago, [personal profile] elisem had a stroke. Because she got to the hospital right away, she is coming out of it with no permanent damage.

What Elise would like people to do for her is to spread the word. The efficacy of TPA (tissue plasminogen activator, the drug that means Elise is coming out of this unharmed) depends on its being administered within a very narrow time window. Learn the symptoms of stroke, and if you observe these symptoms in yourself, a friend, family member, co-worker, etc., CALL 911. If you're not sure, CALL 911. This is a case where better safe than sorry are truly words to live by.

(copied from [personal profile] truepenny's post)
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December 23rd, 2010

02:47 am - um. wordless. appreciative.
People have been sending things on my wish list. Will email thanks individually, but this is kinda overwhelming. Someone else bought a couple of my necklaces and a bracelet, which should cover the cost of getting my grandmother's clock repaired.

Oh. Right. I know what the word I'm looking for is: verklempt.

Thanks, guys...
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December 6th, 2010

07:14 pm - Twelve rainclouds raining
I don't usually do these, but the thought of ten cats making candles? *gigglefits*

On the twelfth day of Christmas, glinda_w sent to me...
Twelve callahan's drumming
Eleven mysteries piping
Ten cats a-candle-making
Nine bookstores stamping
Eight crafts a-cooking
Seven books a-reading
Six beads a-librarything
Five eli-i-i-izabeth peters
Four dorothy sayers
Three connie willis
Two snowshoe cats
...and a mozart in a jewelry.
Get your own Twelve Days:

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05:38 pm - ...by popular demand...
The "Insert Image" thing is, again, misbehaving, so there are links instead. Sorry 'bout that; 's been another fever-over-101degrees day, and I'm not up to fighting the HTML. No brains.

Hannah-cat, full-size;(I really need to get out a tape measure the next time I take pics, to show just how big this kitty is)

Undercover kitteh

Ignoring the toys
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November 30th, 2010

03:27 pm - Owned again
Hannah is my new Feline Overlord; right now she's hiding behind the sofa. I was told to expect a couple of days of her being shy, but that's OK. (Once I get my own photo, I'll make a new userpic.)
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November 19th, 2010

01:37 pm - Thank yous to everyone who helped
More than twice the money I needed; what do you guys who donated want me to do with the remainder. Can refund proportionally; can donate to the local PAWS; can donate to the latest people [personal profile] ginmar has posted about; can hang onto $50 in case I don't qualify for PAWS' PALS program, which "fosters" older cats with senior citizens (the site says 65 and older; I've phoned and left a message to find out if they waive the age limit when someone's on Social Security Disability).

Please let me know what you want me to do?

And again, thank you. People are so unbelievably generous.
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01:15 pm - Anniecat, RIP
She was 14; in my care from August 9, 2006 through November 19, 2010.

Gah. Image insert isn't behaving in Firefox. Here's the link:

Which didn't work either. Bloody hell, etc.

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November 3rd, 2010

08:09 pm - a meme...
stolen from [profile] jennythe_reader

instead of any real content, because I have no brain at all and have been crashy and in fibroflare mode for days:

If you are reading this right now, please post a comment with a COMPLETELY MADE UP AND FICTIONAL memory of you and me.

It can be anything you want - good or bad - BUT IT HAS TO BE FAKE.

When you're finished, post this little paragraph on your LJ and be surprised (or mortified) about what people DON'T ACTUALLY remember about you.
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October 18th, 2010

04:41 pm - Just a link...
Scalzi, as usual, gets it right.

ETA: What am I doing wrong that the link doesn't show as a link (though it works, you can't see which text to click on) on Dreamwidth, but does show as a link (text color change) in LifeJournal? (I'm using Firefox 3.6.10/)

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September 11th, 2010

01:57 am - birthday wishes...
...to [personal profile] johnpalmer - may this day, and all the year to follow, bring you all good things.

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September 1st, 2010

02:28 pm - FYI
I will never crosspost a comment or link somebody else's post to Facebook or Twitter. I would appreciate it if you would show me the same courtesy.

(Wording stolen from valkyrwench)


(borrowed from wcg, who borrowed it from janetmiles , with some modifications)

1. What you do in your own journal is up to you.
2. What you do in my journal is -- or should be, if LJ had implemented it correctly -- up to me.
3. Given that LJ apparently did not correctly implement the option to crosspost comments to Facebook and/or Twitter, here is my stance on what you do in my journal:
a. If it's a public post, I prefer that you not crosspost your comments.
b. If it's a friends-locked or filter-locked post, I strongly prefer that you not crosspost your comments, and I'm likely to get all manner of cranky if you do so and I find out, especially if you quote any of my post in your comment. While I might not ban you from my journal for the first offense, there would have to be extenuating circumstances.
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August 5th, 2010

11:32 pm - The Lioness is up to her usual tricks
One of her sales is in progress. And prices keep getting lower.

Here be shinies!

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